Evan’s Time


I’m an aspiring new author, and my genre of choice at this time is science fiction. Throughout most of my life, writing a novel would have seemed like an impossible endeavor, so I never really gave it any thought.

I was plagued by the same insecurities as everyone else I suppose, and just assumed that it would surely fail. Maybe that’s true … the whole thing could still just crash and burn.

How about this then. A trilogy of adventure novels in a box set. Just $7.50.

For people in Australia, just click the “Buy on Amazon” link.

For other countries, you can get it at these following links.

[US] https://www.amazon.com/Storm-Legend-Box-Evan-Hirson-ebook/dp/B0745JG88P/

[UK] https://www.amazon.co.uk/Storm-Legend-Box-Evan-Hirson-ebook/dp/B0745JG88P/
[Canada] https://www.amazon.ca/Storm-Legend-Box-Evan-Hirson-ebook/dp/B0745JG88P/
[France] https://www.amazon.fr/Storm-Legend-Box-Evan-Hirson-ebook/dp/B0745JG88P/
[Germany] https://www.amazon.de/Storm-Legend-Box-Evan-Hirson-ebook/dp/B0745JG88P/
[Italy] https://www.amazon.it/Storm-Legend-Box-Evan-Hirson-ebook/dp/B0745JG88P/

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