Hello, and thank you for visiting.

I grew up in the sunny state of Western Australia, but never really took to the hot weather. I also didn’t care for the dry Australian bushland, and for a long time wished I’d been born somewhere else.
As time went by, it eventually grew on me, and now it just feels like home.
My family raised a variety of pets over the years, mostly cats, dogs, and birds. At one time we even kept silk worms, but I really don’t think they qualify.
I was quite a prolific reader in my youth, and spent most of my breaks reading Greek mythology and scifi in the school library. For sometime after that I was still hooked, and read whatever scifi I could lay my hands on.
That aside, only a few books ever really left a deep impression on me, and I eventually drifted away from reading.
In the past there never seemed to be enough incentive to try my hand at writing, but however this latest adventure works out, it’s certainly been an interesting experience so far. You can contact me at E33vn737H (at) protonmail.com


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